Moscow Dog Brothers Stickfighting Training Group.


Welcome to the Russian Dog Brothers Stick Fighting training group!

The group has officially started in Russia in the spring 2015, led by Evgeny «C-Laika Dog» Vasilyev.

In our dojo we train in stick fighting, mostly inspired by the technics and methods of the Dog Brothers, but also by more traditional Filippino Martial Arts, such as Modern Arnis, where most of us has come from and where we graduate, Lameco Escrima, Kalis Ilustrisimo, Kali Sikaran and lots of other styles, that we’ve been training in and that we like. Trainings also include non-FMA styles like Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing.

Apart from the stick fighting we train in

The training group is a part of the Federation of Arnis Escrima Kali, together we make seminars, sparring days, graduations, training camps.

Our teachers in Dog Brothers Martial Arts are the head of DBMAA (Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association) Marc «Crafty Dog» Denny and the head of the European branch of the Dog Brothers Benjamin «Lonely Dog» Rittiner (whos seminars are regularly hosted in Moscow).

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