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О Dog Brothers

Stickfighting is one of the most famous aspects of the Filippino Martial Arts (FMA).
Anpther aspect of using the stick were the stick duels juego todo, where the masters of different schools fought each other with heavy kamagong or bahi sticks, without any protection. These fights often had a lethal result.

Along with FMA development in the western world, the applications of the martial art had slowly been «forgotten». Lots of the styles became a sport, where the fighters had just padded sticks and full body protection, some of the schools cancelled the sparring practice as an educational method at all.

In order to get through this trend, in 1988 several students of Guro Dan Inosanto had founded an organization known as «Dog Brothers». The most famous members and evengelists are the founders — Eric «Top Dog» Knaus, Marc «Crafty Dog» Denny и Arlan «Salty Dog» Sanford.
Dog Brothers founders

Founders of the Dog Brothers (left-to-right): Arlan «Salty Dog» Sanford, Eric «Top Dog» Knaus, Marc «Crafty Dog» Denny

One of the main interests of the organization was conducting the full contact fights with one or two sticks (aka RCSF, «Real Contact Stickfighting»), later on supplemented with staff, knife and ather types of weapons

The main systems, used by the founders were:

  • FMA — different styles, but mostly Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Inosanto Blend, Lameco Escrima
  • Krabi Krabong
  • Muay Thai and Bando
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (from Machado brothers)
  • Indonesian Silat

Tha major difference of the Dog Brothers from the other FMA styles was that the Dog Brothers were aimed at the real contact stick duel fights. The fighters use minimum of the protective gear — fencing mask and protective gloves (hockey or like), groin cup, but knee or elbow protection can be used as well. However in trainings padded sticks or a more comprehensive protection can be used. Fights have a time limit or can be stopped because of the inability of one of the fighters to continue the fight (injury, knockout, submission). There are no distinct rules, any weapon strikes, punches, kicks, elbows, knees, throws, takedowns and the full range of grappling technics can be used. There are no contests, but twice a year fighters gather on the Gathering of the Pack.

Every big tribe (in the US, Canada, Europe) with a big number of fighters conduct semiannual Gatherings. Usually one of them is open, where everybody could come and fight, and another one is a closed door gathering (Tribal Gathering), where only the tribe members can participate.

The only common rule, that determine the attitude of the fighters is enclosed in the phrase, that every gathering starts with: «No Judges. No Referees. No trophies. Just one rule — be the friends at the end of the day»
Tha essense of the ideology of this kind of fights is enclosed in a Dog Brothers motto «Higher conciousness through harder contact». These fights are a serious test of the  experience, technical skills and a fighting spirit.

The Dog Brothers organisation has some differences from the other martial arts federations and associations. The new tribe member gets a prefix «Dog» to his name (i.e. «Dog Evgeny Vasilyev»). If he participates in the gatherings on a regular basis, shows a strong spirit and good fighting skills, he gets a Dog Brother name with a prefix «C-«, which stands for «Candidate» (Evgeny «C- Laika Dog» Vasilyev). After attending more gatherings and showing the progression a nd loyalty to the Dog Brothers credo and mindset, the candidate dog brother becomes a full Dog Brother (Marc «Crafty Dog» Denny).

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