Dates for 2016 in Dog Brothers Europe


Now the dates of the major Dog Brothers Europe events in 2016 are clear

  1. Dog Brothers Europe Open Gathering of the Pack will take place on 9-10 of April, 2016  in Hannover, Germany.11012050_929456243814495_1533535659691039014_n
  2. 12-14 April, 2016 in Wangerooge, Germany, will be a post-gathering training camp
  3. In June-July 2016 will be a traditional summer training camp, that will take place in a beautiful location of Loreley, Germany. A short report from the last training camp (2015) can be found here.
  4. 20-21 August, 2016 — Dog Brothers Europe Tribal Gathering in Bern, Switzerland.
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