Emotions after the seminar of Benjamin «Lonely Dog» Rittiner 2017

Well, one more seminar of Benjamin Rittiner is in the past, and that was great again.

Two (or, for the ones who attend the regular training group, two and a half) days of intense trainings and structuring the material, 5 hours a day. What did we do for all this time? We did a lot of stickfighting, however it’s not only about the stick, it’s about  a lot of martial arts, and even beyond. Seminar topics:

  1. Double stick. Concept of a structure with fixed roles for the hands, the «seat belt». What I liked was an allegory with driving a car — it’s not the seat belt, that keeps us safe, it’s our driving skills and general awareness, the seat belt works just in case the first two fail, same is here — our blocking and paryig movements are just a «seat belt» while our footwork and timing are our driving skills and awareness.
  2. Lefty against righty. Very close to the previous topic.
  3. Creation and using the strike combinations in the fight, timing, when to use and when not to use, when to stop. Concept perfectly fits to other striking martial arts, like boxing, muay thai and so on, I think. Unfortunately didn’t have enough time to cover the whole topic.
  4. Some clinching and wall defence tactics.

Friday training was devoted to the topic of countering the counterfighter.

So, I would like to thanks all the participants for coming and make this happen! Particularly those, who covered a long distance to come from other cities and countries — we had guests from Nizhniy Novgorod, Kaan, Ekaterinburg, Volgograd, brothers in arms from the Irish Stickfighting Federation from Saint Petersburg and Smolensk, FMA brothers from Minsk, Byelorussia and even awesome Simon Godsland from England!😊

Hope we see us soon and cross the sticks or something else)))

The adventure continues!

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