Dog Brothers Martial Arts

I would like to immediately clarify, that it’s wrong to put the equation sign between the Dog Brothers and Dog Brothers Martial Arts.

Dog Brothers — is a community of fighters, among the full dog brothers there are people, not training in DBMA and even not training in the FMA, moreover, the ones, who come from the FMA, come from the different styles, so there can’t be a single Dog Brothers style.

However, Marc «Crafty Dog» Denny and Eric «Top Dog» Knaus, following the desire to systematize their experience in the martial arts and Real Contact Stick Fighting (RCSF) have created the system, called Dog Brothers Martial Arts (DBMA).

DBMA consists of:

  • Single stick — the technics of fighting with one stick
  • Double stick — the technics of fighting with two sticks
  • Stick grappling — the technics of using the stick in the grappling
  • Staff — technics of fighting with a staff
  • Espada y daga — technics of fighting with a sword and dagger or with a stick and dagger
  • Kali Tudo (the acronym from Kali and Vale Tudo) — Marc Denny’s ideas for the empty hands fighting with a perspective to use in the MMA fights
  • DLO (Die Less Often) — Marc Denny’s ideas on selfdefence, including the selfdefence with/against the knife/gun

So, as it’s not mandatory to train in DBMA in order to take part in the Gatherings and become a Dog Brother, it’s also not mandatory to fight in the Gatherings, whike training in DBMA.

Recently kind of a grading system was developed. Instead of the belts Dog Brothers use the Dog Tags of different color (blue, red, black). Tags are not given for after a certain examination, but as a result of collaboration with the Dog Brothsers and are more a way to say thanks and show respect to the person thatn a grade.


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