Double stick

Double stick technics have 2 main aspects:

  1. Learning the specific coordination
  2. Fighting with two sticks

Bullet number 1 is «Learning coordination». That’s interesting, but even people with a firm background in Martial Arts, but who has never worked with any «tools», are going to have problems working with 1 stick, not mentioning 2 sticks. Double stick technics start at the very beginning of the FMA education, ’cause they are a superior method of developing the proper striking technic, proper coordination and the body mechanics, that are further applied in all the other parts of technic, such as single stick, knife, empty hands, espada y daga and selfdefence with common objects. Another important coordinational aspect of leaning the double stick is learning the proper footwork, which enables most effective distance and line of attack control.

Bullet number 2 is «Fighting with two sticks». While it may seem quite stupid (where in the real world should I find 2 similar sticks?!), it’s a very useful method of developing the tactics and the FMA-style empty hands technic. With two sticks you should be very precise with your attack and defence and have a very good understanding the opponents counter options in order to fight safe and effective. Moreover, if you can’t apply the basic Sinawali things in the double stick fight, you will most probably have troubles using your FMA empty hands technics in the fight with a boxer, for example, when double sticks really help.

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