Espada y daga

This part of the technic comes to us from the spaniards and their fencing with sword and a long dagger. Now in the Filippines Espada y dage is mostly taught as stick and knife, though originally both weapons should be blades, moreover the shortest on should be much longer, then a comon knife — the tips of the two blades should be at the same level, when staying in the lateral stance and holding the shorter blade in the front hand. In FMA there are styles, like Kalis Ilustrisimo, featuring the espada y daga game most of all.

Espada y daga in the variant of stick and dagger is a beautiful method of developing the coordination, even more complex, then double stick, because you don’t just have to hands engaged with weapons, but the weapons are different in length and, what’s more interesting, different by their types — the stick is a crashing weapon, while the knife is a slashing and stabbing tool. Another perfect use of the espada y daga method is the development of the single stick + empty hand entries, because the knife in the left hand provides a better feeling of how and where should the free hand go while entering the opponents structure.

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