Knife fighting

The knife fighting can be basically devided into several aspects

  1. Knife to knife fencing
  2. Selfdefence with a knife against any kind of attack, except knife attack
  3. Selfdefence against the knife attack or threat

Knife to knife (or daga sa daga in FMA) seems not so practical, as the actual situation, where I can draw away my knife in response to the opponents knife exposure, is relatively seldom and quite unreal. Meanwhile learning the knife fencing teaches us to think as a knife fighter. If you don’t train to fight with a knife and against the knife, you will not be able to see and prevent the attackers actions in a real selfdefence situation.

Both fencing until the first touch and fighting until the finishing technic or a series of thrusts or  slashes should be practiced, ’cause the first teaches us to play with the distance, control it and make a resultative attack, while the second type of the fight teaches us to deal with a violent assault, like if we would not have a knife, and even we would, one, even precise and powerful stab often can’t stop the outraged opponent, under adrenaline rush or any substances (drugs, alcohol).

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