Single stick

The stick fighting a «business card» for the Filippino Martial Arts. There are about 2000 isles in the Filippino archipelago, plenty of them have their own styles of arnis (escrima, kali, however it’s called). Some styles feature the knife and blades more, others tend to complicated espada y daga, but all of them have the basic single stick technics and methods.

Like centuries ago the stick became the main training tool of the Filippino rebels, because of its simplicity, ease to find and universality of application and transfer to the common objects selfdefence, today we learn to fight with a stick for the same reasons.

Technics and methods of single stick fighting can be applied for the knife or a long blade or a pen or an umbrella with just very slight modifications. Stick gives us a comprehensive feeling of the distance, timing and body mechanics.

For the Dog Brothers the single stick fighting became a craddle of the group, adding later double stick, staff, espada y daga and knife fights.

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