Training schedule and prices


We train twice a week

Monday from 20:00 till 22:00
Thursday from 20:00 till 22:00

Sometimes we make extra training on the weekend, but it’s negotiated separately within the group.


Single training 1200 rubles

Month 8000 rubles

The training facility

We train in the Dance Zavod dance club, its location can be found in Contact Us.

Training clothes and equipment

There is a tatami in the dojo, so we train barefoot. You can train in the sports T-shirt and sports pants or shorts. It’s comfortable to train in the special clothes for MMA — rashguard, compression pants and MMA shorts, these goods can be easily found in the internet. The sticks, knife, protective gloves and another protective equipment, that you may need during the training, can be provided by the group, but you better have your own. The equipment, you should definitely have your own is a mouthpiece, a groin cup (breast protection for the women) and a jumping rope. Training weapons can be ordered through us here.

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